Think Blue!!

Posted by Lynn on Mar 7th 2020

Blue, blue, our world is BLUE!!! But don't be blue, instead THINK blue!!  Blue is a very popular color trend this year.  Blue is a versatile color that works well almost anywhere, and almost any way.  The only limitation is our imagination!

Think walls.....

Blue wallpaper comes in a variety of options.  Popular styles can be found to fit any type of décor. Vintage look paper has made a comeback in recent years and we are seeing florals trending now. A solid color can add texture and complement patterned paper.


Blue paint comes in many, many shades!  Darker tones make an interesting accent wall (can you picture the floral wallpaper above with the dark blue shade as an accent color? Beautiful!!!)  Softer color tones are bright, beautiful (and relaxing!) as a primary wall color. Blues are also making an appearance in a big way in the kitchen on cabinets; and what could be more natural than blue in the bath!!


Think floors:

Blue tile on the floor can add visual texture to a room and complement a solid wall color. Conversely, a soft blue, as in the carpet below, could be used to balance the effects of the bold wallpaper shown above.


Think furnishings:                                                           

If you aren't ready to commit to blue on the walls and floors, consider the furnishings.  Blue options are available in  furnishings from furniture and area rugs to window treatments and home décor items


If your not convinced yet, think blue outdoors!! Picture front doors, patios, furniture, pillows, flowers...… the sky's the limit  (and your inspiration!)

Go ahead, you know you want to.......Think Blue!!!!!