Think Blue!!

Posted by Lynn on Mar 7th 2020

Blue, blue, our world is BLUE!!! But don't be blue, instead THINK blue!!  Blue is a very popular color trend this year.  Blue is a versatile color that works well almost anywhere, and almost … read more

Beating The Winter Doldrums

Posted by Lynn on Feb 7th 2020

The holidays are over and we're spending more time inside.  This is a perfect time to start planning, and even working on, home improvement projects!!  If you already have a project planned … read more

Choosing A Hardwood Floor Product

Posted by Lynn on Jan 10th 2020

In a previous blog we detailed the difference between Hardwood and Laminate flooring.  If you've decided to go with the hardwood, there is another step in the decision making process; choosing be … read more

Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback

Posted by Lynn on Oct 19th 2019

Although wallpaper didn't  totally leave the decorating scene, it did take a backseat to paint, wood, and tile in recent years.  The new wallpaper has integrated the look of wood and tile in … read more

Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring

Posted by Lynn on Aug 23rd 2019

Selecting new flooring can be a daunting task and it's important to make the right decision as this is most likely a long-term purchase.  Considerations include the location's traffic, the look y … read more